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Kenya's land laws, a law firm's summary

Kenya's land laws under the new Kenyan constitution. A summary published by the legal firm Anjarwalla & Khanna.

Legislation governing land-based resources in Kenya

The Kenyan Land Act of 2012 is an Act of Parliament rationalising land laws to provide for the sustainable administration of land-based resources. The National Council for Law Reporting is a useful depository for Kenyan legislative documents.

Legislation on the Land Registration Act, 2012 in Kenya

This Act provides a legal framework on land registration which includes management of public land and conversion of land.

Powers & responsibilities of the National Land Commission in Kenya

This Act provides legislation on the National Land Commission and its responsibilities, powers and administration of land.

Proposed land use policy, 2015 by Kenya Land Alliance

A report providing a case for a national land policy, which spells out how land and other natural resources should be used and managed in a sustainable manner, published by the Kenya Land Alliance in 2015.

National land cover dataset for various land uses, 1990 and 2013-2014

The Department of Environmental Affairs’ geographic information systems (EGIS) unit provides a land cover dataset for the years 1990 and 2013-14, which includes data for agriculture, forestry, vegetation, wetlands, mining and urban land use. Online registration is required, but the data is available for public download.

Agrarian GIS land use data in Nigeria from FAO database

A geographic information system (GIS) dataset of agrarian land use in Nigeria. The data includes an ArcGIS layer for styling as there are 23 different filters. It downloads directly as a zipped folder. The data is hosted on GeoNetwork, an open-source platform from the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), that provides geographically referenced thematic information.

FAO land ownership database by gender

This database by the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation comprises information on gender distribution and land rights. It provides land-related statistics disaggregated by gender as well as data on agricultural ownership. It is presented in an interactive map format.

Southern African spatial database

This geospatial database by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) maps Southern African land use.

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